Expedition on a sailing yacht. Penguins, killer whales, whales, seals and icebergs.
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January 15 – February 06, 2020
23 Days
Whales, penguins, icebergs, yachting, freediving
Medium level difficulty
9500 EUR
What to expect from the trip?
The most remote and hard-to-reach place on Earth, the biggest dream of travellers, divers, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Our team takes you to the edge of the world! Sail through the Drake Passage on a sailing yacht, dive among icebergs, swim with whales, observe penguins and much more. We will make a "classic" Antarctic route, visit the most famous and spectacular points around Antarctic Peninsula
We start our expedition from Ushuaia, the southernmost harbour of Argentina. A comfortable and safe marine sailing yacht Aurora and its experienced crew takes us across the Drake passage. The vessel is equipped with the everything necessary for a long expedition: from large fresh water tanks to modern communication and safety equipment. After four days we arrive at the Antarctic peninsula, where we spend over 2 weeks enjoying the beauty of the pristine nature, diving with icebergs, snorkeling with whales and seals, observing penguins and visiting abandoned polar stations of pioneer explorers, whaler's stations, southernmost church and bar, penguin colonies and much more. We will become pioneers ourselves.
In addition to helping you experience breathtaking adventures, we provide lectures and educational programmes. Participants learn a lot about seals and whales, iceberg formation, ocean biology and meteorology, polar pioneers and much more.

After spending two weeks in the Antarctic peninsula we cross the Drake Passage back to Ushuaia.

Small group and flexible schedule
We go in a small group of 7 guests on our sailing yacht. This allows us to control the route and to be able to change it whenever necessary. All the participants will have plenty of time to spend with wildlife, enough photo opportunities, no one will hurry you up.

What animals are there to meet?
There will be opportunities to see plenty of unique species, including:
  • Whales: minke, humpback, fin whale, orca, southern right whale;
  • Seals: leopard seal, crabeater seal, Weddell seal, Ross seal, southern elephant seal, southern sea lion;
  • Penguins: adelie, chinstrap, gentoo;
  • Plenty of other marine birds
The most inaccessible continent of the planet Earth! We will go there on a yacht, crossing the famous Drake Strait!
We will see icebergs and we can dive among them
In the area of Antarctica many whales are living and we dream to see them under water!
During landings to the mainland we will meet several types of penguins
Antarctic stations!
We will visit the Antarctic stations
23 days, 20 days at sea
Day 1 (15 January)
Arrival to Ushuaia. Meeting at the airport.
Day 2 (16 January)
Reserve day for flight delays.
Day 3 (17 January)
Out to sea. Drake Passage.
Day 4-6 (18-20 January)
Drake Passage.
Day 7 (21 January)
South Shetland Islands. "Gateway" to Antarctica. Here is the place where we will begin our acquaintance with these unexplored lands. We will see penguins, fur-seals and huge sea-elephants
Day 8 (22 January)
Abandoned whaler's stations and Deception islands. Go to the Bay Enterprise
Day 9 (23 January)
Trinity island. Penguin colonies and sea bird's colonies.
Day 10 (24 January)
Trinity island. Penguin colonies and sea bird's colonies.
Day 11 (25 January)
Go south. Watching humpback whales. Climb up the mountain at Orn Harbor. Penguin watching.
Day 12-14 (26-28 January)
Cuvreville Island and adjacent waters. Penguin watching and searching for sea leopards. Huge glaciers in Paradise Bay.
Day 15 (29 January)
Strait of Lemaire, Pleno Bay, Peterman Island and Goodier. Colonies of Adelie penguins and sub-Antarctic penguins. Many seals live here, among which are the sea leopards.
Day 16 (30 January)
Vernadsky polar station. The southernmost store and the southernmost pub in the world. Popular tourist destination in Antarctica.
Day 17 (31 January)
Melchior islands within Dallman bay is a small ice-covered archipelago. A good place to meet feeding humpback whales.
Day 18-21 (01-04 February)
Return to Ushuaia through the Drake Strait.
Day 22 (05 February)
Completion of the passage through the Drake Strait and arrival in Ushuaia. Hotel check in
Day 23 (06 February)
Flights back home
The schedule may have to be adjusted in accordance with the weather conditions.
Our boat
9500 EUR per person (double or triple cabin)
optional: + 2000 EUR for the guarantee of double accommodation
single accommodation: upon request

January 15 – February 06, 2020
  • Accommodation and meals on the yacht
  • All permission to visit Antarctica
  • Yacht crew (captain, captain assistants, cook)
  • Team Trip guide
  • Airport transfer
Not included:
  • Flights
  • Accommodation in Ushuaia
  • Additional expenditures in Ushuaia
  • Personal snorkeling equipmen
Is it scary to go to Antarctica on a yacht?

No! The yacht is the most enduring vessel in the ocean, and our team is experienced guys who have been working in Antarctica and the high Arctic for many years. Cross Drake's Strait is nothing for such a team. They will ensure your complete safety and comfort during this expedition.
Tour leader
Stas Zakharov
Biologist, diver, freediver
Biologist of the Team Trip project. PADI diving instructor. Stas will tell about the animals we have met, and will give interesting lectures in the evenings about marine mammals!
List of necessary equipment:
Luggage to pack
  • Warm (very warm!) clothing
  • Several pairs of warm socks
  • Rubber boots
  • Shoes for wearing onboard the yacht
  • Waterproof clothes and gloves
  • Swimwear for in case the hot springs are in action
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Suncream
  • Waterproof bags and cases for photography equipment
  • Personal medicine
  • Seasick pills
  • Snorkeling equipment: fins, mask, snorkel, drysuit, hood, gloves, spare set
Our journey will take place in the Antarctic summer. The air temperature varies from +2 to - 6 C. On the water and at the wind the temperature is felt much lower than it actually is.
Snorkelling equipment
We will swim with whales and icebergs in the cold waters of Antarctica. The water temperature can drop to -2 ° C, so everyone who wants to swim should have the appropriate equipment. Our guide will advise you on equipment.
Drake Passage is know for it's hard and unpredictable weather, which can affect the lenght of expedition. As far as we can not change the weather, we are not responsible for any schedule changes caused be the weather.
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